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Beauu Academy was founded by Linda and offers a range of class structures to accomodate each individuals learning need.

Whether you’re an aspiring make up artist, existing make up artist looking to upskill or just the everyday girl hoping to acquire more knowledge for her own use.



$280 an hour

Minimum 2-3 hours required to achieve desired outcome ( for individual use/ applying make up to your own face)

Conducted both 1:1 and in groups of 2-3 people.


  • This lesson is delivered 1 on 1 where Linda will thoroughly investigate your current make up routine, what products you use, your strengths and weaknesses. Skin type, skin tone, daily life and style and what looks you prefer to wear and learn. The lesson will then be catered solely for yourself, your skin type and features.

  • You will go through all the basics, from product knowledge, tools required, and how to use these correctly to create a flawless make up application for a day to night look.

  • The Lesson will be conducted step by step where Linda applies make up to one side of your face as you replicate to the other side.



$300 an hour

Short day/one complete look 2-3 hours

Conducted both 1:1 and in groups of 2-3 people.

  • For make up artists looking to broaden their make up knowledge and upskill.

  • Linda will investigate students need and design a class structure catered specifically to students learning need.

  • Linda will demonstrate her skills, knowledge and how to recreate her signature make up looks step by step on one side of the models face, while student replicates on the other side. ( In a group setting, Linda will apply make up on her own model first and students will be required to bring their own model to recreate Lindas look with her assistance and guidance).

  • Questions are welcomed during the make up demonstration and application. 

  • Linda will be assisting and helping to correct any technique by offering her unique ‘tips and tricks’ accumulated through her 9 years of professional make up experience.

  • The class will include social media tips. How to take before and after pictures, how to engage with your audience. Photo editing tools and tips. 

  • The class will then conclude by going through the steps and products used once again, more questions can be addressed and answered. 


$1200 per person

FULL 1 day course, 8-9 hours

(All tools and materials will be provided)

  • This lesson is delivered in classes of 2 students. 

  • Upon arrival Linda will introduce the class and investigate the students need. Linda will go through her kit and tools, then demonstrate how to recreate her signature natural look onto a model going thoroughly through each step. Questions are welcomed.

  • In pairs the students will then have up to 1.5 hours to replicate the look onto each other while being guided and assisted by Linda.

  • Lunch will be served.

  • Linda will now demonstrate a second look. Look to be determined by Linda and students, focusing on their areas of need and interest. 

  • Students will be required to bring in a model each to replicate the look onto their own models while being guided by Linda. 

The class is concluded with certificates, discussion on social media marketing, how to take and edit photos and time for questions and answers. 



Two days a week 

Enquire for more information

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